May 30, 2008

Want to Appear in Fable 2?


Lionhead is looking for people to appear in paintings in one of "Albion's finest residences." So how can you get in and possibly wind up immortalized forever in Fable 2 for the Xbox 360? Just send in a photo of you in a "suitable artistic pose." Hit the jump for the official release and link to the page.

Here is the official release from Lionhead's news page:

"Well this is your chance to do just that! We are looking for artist's models to pose for the paintings which will adorn the wall of Albion's finest residences.

All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself in suitable artistic pose (send to Think old master, royal portraits or even the Mona Lisa! Dress up as an old or modern hero, go out to the countryside and find yourself a deer to shoot (not recommended) or just strike a suiting pose in front of an open fire. The thing that would make it even better is if you were to act out an expression from the original Fable.

Photographs will have to make it into our mailbox by Wednesday 4th June, you will also have to sign a piece of paper so that we're allowed to include you in the game (and if you are under age a parent or guardian will have to sign on your behalf) plus everything needs to happen pretty quickly! Finally make sure you've read the small print here."

Hope to see you in Fable 2!

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May 29, 2008

Playstation Magazine Reviews Metal Gear Solid 4


The newest issue of Playstation Magazine (July 08, issue 008) contains a review for the upcoming Metal gear Solid 4. The magazine gave the game the highest mark of 5 stars and an editor's choice. You can get the magazine in newsstands now, i'll leave you with this quote from the review to get your mind going...

"MGS4 is special in so many ways that I suspect it will reside among the videogame industry's greatest achievements long after we're dust."

Now that is a quote!
Here is the Metacritic page for the game.

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May 28, 2008

Ubidays '08: Media Blowout


More from Paris and Ubisoft's Ubidays 2008, Prince of Persia next-gen, Tom Clancy's Endwar, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Brothers in Arms HH, and Soul Calibur IV. Look for more media over the next day on GamePlay Unlimited! Endwar, Prince of Persia, Soul Calibur, and Brothers in Arms are scheduled to release later this year with the Beyond Good & Evil 2 date yet to be confirmed. Hit the jump for the videos!

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New Far Cry 2 Trailer from Ubidays


Fresh from France is a new trailer for Ubisoft's upcoming shooter Far Cry 2. The video features information on one of the villains of the game named "The Jackal." Also found in the video is a link to a blog by Reuben Monday-Oluwagembi who is credited to be a "a freelance correspondent reporting from Port Selao." Ubisoft's Ubidays are just beginning to get underway in Paris where we can expect more information and videos of upcoming Ubisoft games over the course of the two day event.

Far Cry 2 is expected to hit store shelves this fall on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC systems. More information on Ubidays can be found one the official site. Hit the jump for the new video.

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May 23, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour - UPDATE


Update: A new video has been released showcasing the drums for World Tour. Hit the jump to check it out!

Following the path of Rock Band (and now Konami's Rock Revolution) the next installment in the Guitar Hero series adds the use of drums and a microphone. While this alone may not be enough to get some fans excited, what should get them interested is the addition of features such as the music studio where players can compose and record their own music to share with other gamers. Hit the jump for more new features as well as the first ever trailer and screenshots!Going along with the addition of new instruments, Guitar Hero World Tour boasts an eight player battle of the bands mode, online world tour mode, and the biggest selection of tracks which are all master recordings. The game also allows users on the Wii to access downloadable content in-game for the first time ever on the console. Some of the early musicians confirmed to be in the game include The Eagles, Van Halen, Linkin Park, and Sublime.

Official Media:

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Metal Gear Solid 4 to Feature 90 Minute Cut Scenes


Did you also do a double-take? Let me clarify, that is not 90 minutes of cut scenes in the entire game, that is 90 minute separate cut scenes within the game. The story of the Metal Gear series is one that cannot simply be entirely told through gameplay, so it is necessary to add longer cut scenes, but the 90 minute length is something we have yet to see in any major video game. CVG reports that PSW Magazine played through and completed MGS4 and told of the 90 minute scenes. According to CVG, PSW Magazine stated " "MGS4's story is massive. The videogame equivalent of all three Godfather movies on one disc." They also state "They [cut scenes] can be skipped, but you'll be missing out on some of the finely crafted examples of FMV footage anywhere in gaming."

CVG Article

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May 22, 2008

Marc Whitten Gives Info on 360 Dash Update, DRM, & XBLA


In an interview with Xbox Live General Manager Marc Whitten talks about the future of the Xbox Live Arcade, a fix for the digital rights management issue, and the 2008 spring update for the Xbox 360. The summary of the interview basically states that there will not be a significant dashboard update this spring, a DRM fix is coming soon, and Microsoft is beginning to focus more on quality rather than quantity in the Xbox Live Arcade. Hit the jump for a few more details.

Whitten stated that while there will not be a major dashboard update this spring, the team is working on a fix for the major DRM problems users have had.
"So while most users will not notice any significant changes to the dashboard this spring, I can tell you that the team will be releasing a new digital rights management (DRM) tool next month that will allow you to better consolidate your licenses for downloaded content to a single Xbox and allow you the freedom to be able to play your content both online and offline."

Also, Microsoft will soon begin to de-list arcade games that earn a metacritic score below 65% and a conversion rate below 6% in a focus on quality control in the arcade, there will be a 3 month warning prior to the removal of any game. Whitten also confirms that Microsoft will soon open a first party development studio focused on media creation with the hopes that quality will become a much bigger factor in the arcade library. With the increase in quality comes a price increase as well;
"While the service has had a lot of success and now boasts over 130 titles, we think it is time to continue our focus on quality over quantity. This means that we need to allow developers more time and more space to make even bigger and better games. So we are officially increasing our XBLA game size limits dramatically from 150mb to 350mb. We are also giving publishers more flexibility in how they price their games and opening up a new 1600 Microsoft Points price point for some of these now bigger and better games."

It is yet to be seen how the community will react to this 1600 price point. The first game to utilize it launched Wednesday, Penny Arcade's first title was set at 1600 Microsoft points to the complaints of many. No need to sit and watch your 360 anymore in the coming weeks, no update is coming. Enjoy some games rather than waiting for that much needed four player private chat, we will see you in the Fall!

Full Interview via

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10 Minute Spore Creature Creator Demo


Usually GamePlay Unlimited tends to steer clear of computer games, but Spore is an exception. IGN PC's Jason Ocampo got to spend time with the creature creator coming June 17th that allows players to create a creature prior to the full game release this September. Check out the video, Spore looks great so far! Head over to IGN for their written preview of Spore. Hit the jump for the video preview.

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BioShock Harvests PS3 This Holiday Season


The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, arriving to subscribers now and on newsstands June 3rd, finally has the official word about the 2007 Game of the year Bioshock making its way to the PS3. According to the EGM article, 2k Games has confirmed that the game is making the transition to the Playstation with a few extra goodies including a graphics tweak. Hit the jump for a few images and a bit more information.

The article contains an interview with new Creative Director Jordan Thomas (who took over the series from creator Ken Levine) as well as new information on what the series has yet to show. Look for more information on Bioshock for the PS3 as well as Bioshock 2 as it becomes available here on GamePlay Unlimited.

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May 21, 2008

Sink it, Drink it - Beer Pong coming to the Wii


Yes, you read the title right. As announced in a press release (full release after the jump) JV Games is bringing the competitive college drinking game to the Nintendo Wii. The game entitled "Frat Party Games - Beer Pong" will allow for "a traditional tournament-style game of Beer Pong for one to four players and Speed Pong, during which two to three players compete at the same time, each trying to be the first to eliminate all of his or her cups."

One can only assume that there is sure to be a storm of angry elders opposing the game as they did for Grand Theft Auto's drinking shenanigans. An eyebrow is raised to Nintendo to see how they handle this game with the Wii's aim to a more casual audience. It will no doubt be a hit with the college crowd but how will it hold up against the scrutiny of the older Wii owners with children?

Official Frat Party Games - Beer Pong Site


May 21, 2008 -- GamePlay Unlimited -- JV Games Inc. is pleased to announce Frat Party Games™ – Beer Pong. Beer Pong, a game born on a college campus in the early 80s, has grown from a college drinking game to a competitive sport in bars across the country. In mid June 2008, Beer Pong is going to be available for WiiWare™, Frat Party Games™ – Beer Pong is the first slated game in the Frat Party Games™ series.

Featuring two distinct competitive games, Frat Party Games™ – Beer Pong will offer a traditional tournament-style game of Beer Pong for one to four players and Speed Pong, during which two to three players compete at the same time, each trying to be the first to eliminate all of his or her cups.

Frat Party Games™ – Beer Pong has been designed exclusively for WiiWare™, with accurate and easy to use controls. Frat Party Games™ – Beer Pong will feature three different play environments and allow players to choose from multiple tabletops to enhance the playing environment.

“Beer Pong is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation, from high-stakes competitions being held here in Las Vegas to more and more establishments creating Beer Pong environments to attract new customers,” says JV Games VP Jag Jaeger. “Being Beer Pong players ourselves, we realized this is a game niche yet to be filled, and the Wii® is the perfect system to replicate the game. We created a very accurate and realistic throw system. No buttons to time your throw with; just hold the Wii Remote like you would a normal ball and throw.”

Early response has been overwhelming. The Frat Party Games MySpace site
( experienced much activity, and staff is having a hard time keeping up with e-mail inquiries. “People are anxious to get their hands on the game,” Jaeger says.

JV Games, Inc. is an electronic entertainment company that develops computer, console, and handheld video games. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada; JV Games has been developing premier titles since 1989.

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May 20, 2008

We would like your feedback!


Hello. We are back and working on the site again. I have redesigned the site (which reflects what the final site will look like) and we are looking for your feedback! If you could, please leave us some feedback in the comments of this story on the site's design or any features you would like to see in the future. You don't even need to sign in if you do not want to. We just want to know what our community wants.

Thanks for your support,

Hello all, and thanks to those of you who have kept viewing over the past months while the site has been on the back burner. Also welcome to those of you new visitors. Our tentative schedule as of now is to get the full site off of blogger and running by August. We plan to have forums and many items of content for the community so stay tuned. I will try to update the blog a bit more in the coming weeks with the news I think is most important.

Stay tuned and thanks for being patient! 
Deadly Cyclone

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May 10, 2008

A Mix of Randomness


Yes, we know, we have not been updating the site. We are now beginning work on the new and improved (blogger-less) site which will hopefully be up and running by late summer. You can see the prototype of the new site in the story below this one.

With that being said, I wanted to run an update on some of the big stories from the past month including the GTA launch, Gears of War 2 footage, & Mirror's Edge footage. Hit the jump for more details.

First, last night on "GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley" an exclusive look into the single player from the upcoming Gears of War 2 was shown. The video is below:

Next, last weeks SCEE Playstaion Day brought us new footage from Battlefield developer Digital Illustration CE's (DICE) upcoming game Mirror's Edge:

Finally Grand Theft Auto IV launched April 29th with worldwide success, selling 6 million copies for $500 million in the first week alone. Below are some interesting numbers from the Xbox 360 side of things courtesy of GameScore Blog.

*In the first week, more than 2.3 million people played Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox LIVE
*GTA IV is now the number one played game on Xbox LIVE
*Over the weekend, we saw the Xbox LIVE service reach 1 million concurrent users
*Gamers have unlocked more than 12 million achievements worth over 100 million gamerscore points in GTA
*Grand Theft Auto IV set a new record for time played, with the average gamer spending more than four hours playing the game on LIVE in the first week alone
*Actual MS sales data from last week shows Xbox 360 console sales at retail went up 54% week-over-week as a result of GTA's success
*According to retailers more than 60% of all GTA games sold in the first week were the Xbox 360 version
*Retailers are telling us that the game is attaching strongly to new console sales, with roughly 40% of new consoles selling with a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV

Well that's all for this update, I will try to find time to add more news as it releases. We promise to keep you up to date on how the new site is coming and will keep looking for your opinions!

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