May 20, 2008

We would like your feedback!

Hello. We are back and working on the site again. I have redesigned the site (which reflects what the final site will look like) and we are looking for your feedback! If you could, please leave us some feedback in the comments of this story on the site's design or any features you would like to see in the future. You don't even need to sign in if you do not want to. We just want to know what our community wants.

Thanks for your support,

Hello all, and thanks to those of you who have kept viewing over the past months while the site has been on the back burner. Also welcome to those of you new visitors. Our tentative schedule as of now is to get the full site off of blogger and running by August. We plan to have forums and many items of content for the community so stay tuned. I will try to update the blog a bit more in the coming weeks with the news I think is most important.

Stay tuned and thanks for being patient! 
Deadly Cyclone


Ryan said...

Hey I found your site through the Xbox forums and would like to talk to you about some ideas I have. You can reach me at



peachey said...

I also found your site through the Xbox forums. Good luck with your site! I don't have an idea of what your final look will be like, but hopefully you'll feature lots of community based features. By total coincidence, I've also set out to create, and we're getting ready to roll out the final product over the next couple of months. Feel free to check it out and comment as well!

Anonymous said...

You should do reviews of games!

Deadly Cyclone said...

We plan to do reviews when the final site opens this fall. :)

We are working on our review system now to figure out exactly how it should work.

Shimbo said...

It's pretty much a given that someone needs a reviewer for your automotive section that is also under development............................................