May 10, 2008

A Mix of Randomness

Yes, we know, we have not been updating the site. We are now beginning work on the new and improved (blogger-less) site which will hopefully be up and running by late summer. You can see the prototype of the new site in the story below this one.

With that being said, I wanted to run an update on some of the big stories from the past month including the GTA launch, Gears of War 2 footage, & Mirror's Edge footage. Hit the jump for more details.

First, last night on "GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley" an exclusive look into the single player from the upcoming Gears of War 2 was shown. The video is below:

Next, last weeks SCEE Playstaion Day brought us new footage from Battlefield developer Digital Illustration CE's (DICE) upcoming game Mirror's Edge:

Finally Grand Theft Auto IV launched April 29th with worldwide success, selling 6 million copies for $500 million in the first week alone. Below are some interesting numbers from the Xbox 360 side of things courtesy of GameScore Blog.

*In the first week, more than 2.3 million people played Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox LIVE
*GTA IV is now the number one played game on Xbox LIVE
*Over the weekend, we saw the Xbox LIVE service reach 1 million concurrent users
*Gamers have unlocked more than 12 million achievements worth over 100 million gamerscore points in GTA
*Grand Theft Auto IV set a new record for time played, with the average gamer spending more than four hours playing the game on LIVE in the first week alone
*Actual MS sales data from last week shows Xbox 360 console sales at retail went up 54% week-over-week as a result of GTA's success
*According to retailers more than 60% of all GTA games sold in the first week were the Xbox 360 version
*Retailers are telling us that the game is attaching strongly to new console sales, with roughly 40% of new consoles selling with a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV

Well that's all for this update, I will try to find time to add more news as it releases. We promise to keep you up to date on how the new site is coming and will keep looking for your opinions!

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