January 13, 2009

DLC, Patch Updates

There is a whole host of new information about DLC and patches for various games today. Below I have outlined the who, what, and when for your information.

Fallout 3 - Patch out today, DLC "Operation Anchorage" out January 27th for 800 MSP or $10.
Fable 2 - DLC "Knothole Island" out today.
Mirror's Edge - DLC out January 29th for 800 MSP or $10.
Left 4 Dead - Patch coming this week for PC.

Castle Crashers - DLC "King Pack" out Wednesday for 160 MSP.
"Two New Characters! Open Faced Gray Knight and the King.
New Weapons! NG Lollipop, NG Gold Sword and the King’s Mace (equipped with the King).
New Animal Orb- Pelter, the Seal.
New Magic! King’s Healing (Gold Knife, Healing Magic and the Kingly Jump)."

There you have it, a bunch of new stuff to keep you busy this month.

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