December 10, 2008

EA Chief Discusses Lower-Than-Expected Sales

EA has been known to milk series for all they're worth, but things are changing. In EA's effert to change it's image, they released a series of original IPs this year. This has been great for gamers but how has it been for EA?

Unfortunately, EA has had lower-than-expected revenue for it's financial year. Speaking at an investors conference call, EA CEO, John Riccitiello discussed this year's original EA titles.

Spore sold well for EA and, not surprisingly, Riccitiello believes the title will be a strong on-going franchise. The 'MySims' games will most likely be an on-going franchise as well. Even with World of Warcraft looming over it, Riccitiello believes Warhammer will continue to do well for them for multiple years. What's his opinion of Dead Space? He gives it a thumbs up and says the series looks to be a big winner. Finally, there is Mirror's Edge.

Mirror's Edge did not sell as well as EA would have liked. Riccitiello, despite it's sales, thinks there is still potential for the series. He states it was strongly reviewed and they'll probably look into the design issues around the design to make sure the series succeeds.

It's been great having some original ideas from EA. Lets hope they will continue to try making original content and succeed doing so.

Source: MTV Multiplayer Blog

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