November 25, 2008

Far Cry 2 DLC Out Now (Update 2)

Update: The pack is out now on the Xbox Live Marketplace, go download!
The pricing for the pack has been set at 800 Microsoft points (that's $10).

Ubisoft has announced today that DLC for Far Cry 2 will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Store by the end of November. The "Fortune's Pack" DLC will be bringing new vehicles and weapons to the game for both the single and multiplayer modes. See the images below.

The Fortune’s Pack DLC for Far Cry 2 includes:

Single-Player Mode
Three brand-new weapons
- Silenced shotgun
- Sawed-off shotgun
- Crossbow
Two new vehicles
- Unimog
- Quad

Multiplayer Mode
- Four new exciting maps
1. Cheap Labor
2. Last Resort
3. Lake Smear
4. Fort Fury
- New single-player weapons and vehicles also available in multiplayer

1 comment:

Bryce said...

Silenced shotgun-sweet! That'll be a replacement for my 6P9.