September 8, 2008

Rumor Mill: Microsoft Planning Huge 360 Re-Launch for NXE

File this in the huge, most likely not true but very cool, section of the rumor mill. User Dodece from the VGChartz forums states that:

"September 25th 7pm EST. Microsoft will start a five hour countdown to relaunch their console. Yes that is right nothing short of a relaunch is acceptable. At the end of the five hours your console will update to the new interface with full functionality. To promote this most historic event with a full fledged media blitz. Microsoft has gone so far as to rent television space as in rent a channel. For those five hours G4 television will cover the event exclusively with live coverage. For those with Live they will be able to download or stream the channel."
Not only a 5 hour re-launch event, but there is much more. Also according to Dodece there will be three new channels launched, the first a partnership with Sirius radio which allows users, for a small fee payable with Microsoft points, to stream Sirius radio through their 360. Next a music store to download music to your 360 hard drive. Finally, a third called "madlib" details were scarse on this channel.

Oh and you though that was all, nope. Finally the games. The post states that Microsoft will release a batch of free content including a free Halo 3 map pack, a preview of the GTA DLC, a Mass Effect exspansion and Portal. Also the author speculates that a horde of new 360 games will be announced including Assassin's Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, and a new Conker game. If that all was not enough, the post says that 6 Xbox originals will be given away free to long standing gold members.

As I said, rediculous right? But Microsoft is known for huge events like this (Maddenpalooza anyone). Stay tuned for more on this. 

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