August 14, 2008

X-Blades Announced for 360, PS3, PC

SouthPeak Games has announced X-Blades, an anime inspired game based around the heroine Ayumi.

"Ayumi, a stunningly seductive yet tenacious heroine, travels the world hunting highly coveted artifacts. After finding an ancient treasure map she sets off on the most dangerous adventure she's ever faced and quickly finds herself outmanned and outgunned. Armed with only her fighting skill, magic spells, guns and blades, Ayumi must fend off rival treasure seekers, hordes of evil creatures and powerful dark forces in order to survive."

The gameplay is in the Ninja Gaiden 2/Devil May Cry hack and slash genre which seems to fit well.

"Using various weapons, spells and tactics, the player must fight his way through many indoor and outdoor levels, killing hordes of monsters on the way. The story, exciting and rich in variety with numerous cutscenes not only motivates the player, it also cleverly interlinks the individual levels. Besides the ‘normal’ monsters, there are also "Monster Generators", which ceaselessly create new creatures (and of course powerful

Boss opponents) for the game world. Hidden Power-ups and coins ensure that the player is rewarded for exploring a level. Some locations can only be reached by bold and daring leap/jump combinations."

The game has a very interesting art style which can be seen in the screens below. If you want more information head over to the X-Blades official site.

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