August 14, 2008

Velvet Assassin Screens

Here are some more screens for Gamecock's upcoming stealth WW2 game Velvet Assassin. Along with the screens Gamecock and Replay Studios have launched a website for the game with everything you need to know thus far.

"Like the game, the new site offers visitors the chance to look inside the gritty world of Velvet Assassin from the perspective of Violette Summer as she lay in her hospital room. Glimpsing flashbacks of Violette’s life offers insight into her heroic World War II missions behind enemy lines. The site features a variety of content, such as screenshots, trailers and descriptions of weapons from the game. Content also includes news updates on the game as well as details on the real life ‘Follow the Dream’ treasure hunt. In addition, a fully functional Morse code translator lets visitors send coded messages to their friends."

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