June 8, 2008

Sunday Special: Stunning Metal Gear Artwork

GamePlay Unlimited is proud to present a new segment to our story lineup, the Sunday Special. What exactly is the Sunday Special? Well it is a segment where we will post stories that are a bit more laid back and artistically oriented. The weekdays are filled with gaming news and information important to the working gaming world but weekends are meant to be relaxing. With that, here is the first edition of the Sunday Special. Enjoy!

While browsing Digg I came across an article from Racketboy.com entitled "The Most Stunning Metal Gear Artwork." The story shows off some seriously amazing fan art from the Metal Gear series. With the fourth game in the series coming out this Thursday we at GPU thought some fan art would be a great way to gear up (no pun intended) for the launch. Check out the link below to the whole page of art. We will leave you with the first image from the story after the jump.

The Most Stunning Metal gear Artwork - Racketboy

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