June 5, 2008

Duke Nukem Forever In-Game Footage

The newest video game web show, Jace Hall, has its first episode out. The contents? Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage. Yes, you read that correctly, the game that has been in production for 12 years finally has gameplay and it looks good. Hit the jump for the FIRST EVER Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage!

Here is the episode, it is a good show even without Duke Nukem. Although if you are running short on time, the gameplay starts around 4:21.

Source: Crackle

1 comment:

redpaw1964 said...

Thank you for the Duke footage, 12 years is nothing, I'll play it everyday and love it. Please let their be Download content, Gamer pics, Themes as I'll eat it up as I did before.

I STILL have an original Duke Nukem Shirt ( Black T with Lime Green Screen print ), I'll wear it proudly again.