March 23, 2008

Sonic Unleashed in the Works from Sega?

A new video has been making its way around the internet the past few days of what looks to be footage of a new (old-school style) sonic game. While details remain sketchy of the games confirmation, release date, and system, be assured this footage looks legit.

Here are some of the details from Sega Magazine, which for now are still considered rumors.
"Sonic the Hedgehog returns for a full-blown, action-packed adventure through the desolate and unpredictable World of Mubuz, a world dictated by an evil Dragon Lord, Immarius. Upon entering Muboz, Sonic fights an evil power which turns all the inhabitants into dangerous beasts.

* Become Wolf Sonic and fight enemies like never before using rapid combo maneuvers and Ring Energy
* Play as Sonic, Knuckles or Tails through 12 packed stages
* Extensive 2D gameplay brings the old Sonic back home"

Source: Sega Magazine

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