February 20, 2008

Microsoft's GDC Press Conference

Microsoft's Press conference ended a while ago at the Game Developers Conference and there were some big news stories, hit the jump for the info.

First off, Cliffy B showed up to announce Gears Of War 2 coming this November exclusively on the Xbox 360. (Hit the jump for the trailer).

Secondly, Microsoft announced that games made using the XNA developer tool by community members would be making their way to Xbox Live and the Zune. 7 of the games are available over Xbox Live now.

To download the Game Launcher and games:

1. Go to Marketplace, Game Store, All games
2. Scroll to the very bottom to XNA Creators Club,
3. Download XNA creators club Game Launcher.
4. Go to games blade, games Library, scroll over to XNA Creators Club
5. Press Y to download games,
6. Download Game
7. PLAY!

More news will be coming as it happens at GDC '08, so look to GamePlay Unlimited for more updates soon.

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