January 29, 2009

Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC Revealed

Ubisoft has announced that Prince of Persia will be getting new DLC on February 26th for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The new content entitled Epilogue continues the story of the Prince and Elika with new features.

"- New Region: The Underground Palace – A corrupted underground palace from which the Prince and Elika need to escape in a new epic journey.
- New Power: Energize – Reconstruct destroyed areas of the environment to create a path and rush through it before it vanishes.
- New high pace: The new trap challenge – The Prince and Elika will face more cunning foes, cleverer traps and level design, adding more to the difficulty level in over 3 hours of gameplay.
- New Attack: Sprinting Clash – A duel move that lets you or the enemy trigger a sprint attack, charging towards each other, clashing your weapons fiercely.
- New Unlockable Skins: Finish the game and unlock exclusively, from the early development of the game, the Prototype characters of the Prince and Elika."

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