January 14, 2009

New Xbox Original, & Exclusive Resident Evil 5 Demo Detailed

Microsoft has announced today that the original Xbox game "Blowout" will be available on Xbox Originals January 19th.

Blowout is developed by Pipedream Interactive and puts you in the shoes of Major John "Dutch" Cane as you lead a team of mercenaries loaded with experimental weapons into a space station overrun by aliens. You can find more about the game on its' Xbox page.

Also Microsoft has announced that starting on January 26th Capcom will release the Resident Evil 5 demo in the U.S. exclusively on Xbox 360. The demo allows you to play through two levels with either A.I. support, local co-op, or co-op via Xbox Live.

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ecrunner said...

It will be nice to see some real reviews coming out of this, from everyday players. This game is too anticipated to try any of those ordinary reviews.