January 21, 2009

Former 1Up Show, EGM Staff Form Area 5

By now everyone has heard at the changing hands of 1Up from Ziff Davis to UGO, and have seen the after effects with a good amount of staff being laid off. What do you do with no job after being a part of a huge gaming and media site? Start a new one.

Various staff members from 1Up/EGM including Dan Hsu, former EGM Editor-in-Chief, Demian Linn, former executive producer of The 1UP Show and GameVideos.com, Michael Donahoe, former senior writer and news editor, and ex-managing editor Greg Ford have come together to create Area 5, a new media site.

The site has their first (entitled "Co-op") show since leaving 1Up/EGM up (posted after the jump) and are encouraging users to subscribe to their youtube channel as well as help them find investors/make donations to get the project started. In this economy starting anything is going to be an uphill battle so I commend them for staying on their feed with a great attitude.

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