January 7, 2009

EA Announces New MySims Games for Wii, DS

EA has announced two new MySims games for the Nintendo Wii and DS coming in 2009. The first is MySims Racing which allows you to race on various exotic levels and defeat enemies by using power-ups. There is extensive customization in MySims Racing as well, allowing you to change paint jobs, swap out body parts, and add tons of accessories. The game will also allow you to play with up to 3 of your friends over Wifi on the Wii and DS.

Second is MySims Party. Party offers 50 mini games (DS will have 40 mini games) for you and your friends to compete in. Games like Snowboarding, Robo Assault, and DJ Candy will be hosted by different Sims and be playable right in sequence or in themed festivals like food, music, or sports.

“When we created the MySims world, we believed that the MySims characters could be part of a variety of different gaming experiences. We are thrilled to bring MySims Party and MySims Racing to fans and new players alike.” said Tim LeTourneau, Executive in Charge of Production for MySims. “We’ve had great success with MySims, with both the original game and this autumn’s MySims Kingdom. Players have really connected with the characters and now we are giving them two completely new and exciting experiences. We believe that MySims Party and MySims Racing, are great ways to couple the creativity and humor players love about the franchise with great multi-player arcade gameplay.”

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