December 19, 2008

The Sims 3 Create-a-Sim Video

EA has released two new screens and a video showing the create-a-sim feature for The Sims 3.

"The all-new Create – A - Sim allows you to completely customize your Sims’ appearances making every Sim unique. The feature is easy-to-use and more powerful than ever, letting you fine-tune every aspect of your Sims’ face, customize their hair color, select the exact shade of their skin tone and determine much more to make lifelike Sims. It’s never been easier to make Sims that are thin, full-figured or muscular and everything in between! In true The Sims fashion, you can customize everything. Additionally, Create – a - Style allows for infinite possibilities to design the interior and exterior of your Sims surroundings, clothes and more."

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