November 4, 2008

Media Molecule Launches LittleBigWorkshop

Media Molecule has launched yet another LittleBigPlanet site, The workshop gives you three areas to pre-design a level. Stuck in class/at work and have a great idea? Head on over and desgin the blueprints to your level to work on later (but don't get caught). 

The three rooms are as listed:
Workshop Room - "Watch and learn ways to give your LBP level creations a little oomph. Or teach a workshop you fancy pants. It's easy peasy."

Inspiration Room - "Love totem poles? Ice cream sundaes? Robots? Whatever you love, this is your place to find or share your inspiration"

Blueprint Room - "Using the blueprint creator design a plan with a splash of imagination and download it to your desktop, then create it."

So head on over and give it a shot!

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