November 2, 2008

Heavy Rain Presentation

Gamekyo has details on Heavy Rain from a public presentation at the Micromania Games Show 2008 in Paris. Here is a few details they took away from the show:

In this demo, the player takes the role of a young journalist who is investigating on several girls' disappearances, she goes to a house of a taxidermist who is suspected of killing these women. In this presentation, the Producer of the game shows 2 different ways to finish this demo, there are lots of different ways to get through the story.

- The demo is fully playable, no cut-scenes, the player can control the girl at any time.

- It is possible to hear what is happening in the mind of the character, so the player knows the different choices that are available.

- Backgrounds are fully interactive (all objects can be used, all doors can be opened, etc.).

- Very interesting Split Screen System to keep an eye on the murderer, control the character at the same time.

You can see the rest of the details and screens at Gamekyo's site. The presentation can be seen below.

Heavy Rain may not be for everyone but for those interested, it looks like it will be very intense.

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