November 11, 2008

Big Fable 2 Announcment Next Week

Over on the Lionhead developer blog there is an interesting post. Next week, according to the blog, there will be a big Fable 2 announcment. DLC seems to be a big possibility here.

"Normally, we don't like to tease too much. You know, all this hype being generated by teasing the announcement that there will be an announcement in X-number of days. Who cares? But in this day and age where a gazillion titles are asking for your attention, I felt it might be the right thing to do on the blog. We've got some G o o d [Good] news for all Fable II fans next week, dare I even say it's quite a big announcement? Yes of course I dare say it's a big announcement regarding Fable II, next week!"

Stay tuned to the blog and GPU for information when the news hits. 

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