October 19, 2008

Want the NXE early? Watch MajorNelson.com

Major Nelson's latest podcast has hit the web and in it is an interesting tidbit.

"Major Nelson: "...I know you as my audience, you guys, you like to pick up and play. You want to get your hands on it and I don't blame you because you'll enjoy it. In fact, if you want to get your hands on it, let me just say this.......keep an eye on my blog next week. If you want to get your hands on it early, that's all I'm going to say."

E: "So let me make sure I understand this, so if I were a listener to the podcast."

Major Nelson: "Correct"

E: "And I wanted to have access to the New Xbox Experience before November 19th. I should visit MajorNelson.com on a regular basis."

Major Nelson: "That's pretty much what I'm saying"

E: "Okay, interesting.

Major Nelson: "I'm not going to say anything more"

E: "I wonder what that means"

Major Nelson: "Stay Tuned. So New Xbox Experience coming November 19th....or earlier to a few of you."

It looks as if Major will be giving away chances to grab the NXE for yourself earlier than November 19th. Keep and eye here for any news and MajorNelson.com for updates.
(Thanks to TooLegitVolz for the transcript)


Anonymous said...
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uncle maf said...

hope i get the new dashboard on wednesday . ive been on xbox live since the launch date . im a very dedicated fan of xbox.

Craig said...

Don't expect the new dashboard. It's not due out until 11.19.2008.

I'm thinking they'll do something on xbox.com to let you create your avatar.

deedog5 said...

i am 40ago been xbox since 2002 xbox1 gametag deedog3xDcfgx & deedog5 still here on xbox360 ture game I wiil be 80 ago still kick b on xbox720 wacth out 4 me or kid's.see i have 3 xbox360 & xbox1 and also buy new xbox360 4my wife now

Dubble said...

Hey, cant wait for dashboard.

I hope I win it early :)

Dubble said...

Well, Obv Craig we all know its out the 19th But if you read what it said above, MN is giving it out couple days befor.

Anonymous said...

Craig -
did you even read the article?

Anonymous said...

28th. Scene it. Disk install.
-Unfounded rumor

Anonymous said...

im sooooo desprete for it hope i can get my hands on it early my gamertag is tommy778 and always playin gta and cod4 lool
cant wait for new dashboard is it the 19th when it is out for everyone?

Mealy said...

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Jacob said...

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