October 10, 2008

Rockstar Unveils Midnight Club L.A. Multiplayer

We are getting ever closer to the release of Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Rockstar has finally unveiled the multiplayer modes for you and your friends. (Is that the car from Iron Man above? look at the plates) The modes and descriptions are listed below:

Race Types:

Ordered Races:
Your typical checkpoint to checkpoint race. First to cross the final checkpoint (which is red) wins.

Circuit Races:
Similar to ordered races, players race through checkpoints, this time doing laps. First to reach the red checkpoint wins. In the Last-Man-Out variation the player in last is removed after each lap.

Unordered Races:
Checkpoint races where the order does not matter. Players race through checkpoints completing them in any order. First to cross their respective last checkpoint wins.

Landmark Races:
One checkpoint exists at a landmark on the other side of the city, first one to reach it wins.

Battle Modes:

Free-for-All CTF:
Your typical CTF game (in cars). Players scramble to pick up the flag and return it to a location while other players try to take the flag away. First one to the flag limit wins.

Basewar CTF:
The team version of regular CTF. Each team has a flag at their base and must get the opponents flag back to the base to score.

Splitbase CTF:
A neutral flag variant. Each team has a base and a flag spawns in the middle of the map. Teams must get the flag and return it to their own base. First to flag/time limit wins.

Numerous flags spawn in the map and players must race to pick up as many flags as possible and return them to a stockpile point. Some flags may be bombs, if you get the bomb you must transfer it to another player by bumping them before it explodes. Player with the most flags wins.

Splitbase Stockpile:
Same as Stockpile, but now you have a team. Beware of bombs, and try to grab as many flags as you can.

One flag spawns and players must rush to get it. Once picked up the player will receive points for how ever long the hold onto the flag. the game is over when the point/time limit is reached.

Online Cruise/ Race Editor:
Up to 16 people may play in cruise mode just racing the city with no rules and traffic on. At any time one player may challenge another as well.
In the race editor players may create custom races by placing checkpoints around the city. You can then save the race, and play it online.

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