October 16, 2008

Resistance 2 Goes Gold, Beta Details

Playstation Blog has confirmed that Resistance 2 has officially gone gold. Along with the news they have a lot of new information on the multiplayer beta that began today. The beta is available to anyone who pre-ordered at GameStop or bought a subscription to Qore.

Available in the beta is a taste of the co-op campaign and the multiplayer aspect of the game.

"The Beta will include competitive maps from three locations in the game. These maps include 60-, 40-, and 20-player maps from Orick, 40- and 20-player maps from Chicago, and the 10-Player map Sub Docks (Bay Area). New modes Skirmish and Core control will be supported, along with Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. The co-op portion of the beta will focused on Orick, and will support randomization of your play-path. Both co-op and competitive will support matchmaking and class/character progression up to level 10. This will allow unlocking of new equipment, upgrades and berserks for character customization."

The image above gives you a taste of how big the online co-op will be. If you haven't gotten into the beta don't worry, there is still time to pre-order the game or buy that Qore subscription!

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