October 10, 2008

NXE: A Look at the Xbox.com Marketplace

As many of you may know, along with the New Xbox Expereince coming November 19th, a version of the Marketplace will be available through Xbox.com. You will be able to queue items for download on your 360 from your PC wherever you are at. Gamerscore Blog has more information on what to expect from the Xbox.com Marketplace.

"Once the New Xbox Experience launches you will be able to browse Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your PC (even using text search) – and if you see something you like, you can add it to your queue and even purchase it right there and then. As soon as you get back home to your Xbox 360 and turn it on, the content will begin to download. Think about it – by the time you finish getting out of your shirt and tie, or skirt, or pajamas, or pink fuzzy bunny outfit, you will have a new Xbox LIVE Arcade game to play or a new TV show to watch."

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