October 2, 2008

Nintendo Fall Press Conference

Since Nintendo won't be attending TGS, their main press conference for the fall happens to be going on right now. We will update this story as news comes out so stay tuned!

Nintendo Announces DSi
The rumors were correct, the DSi will feature bigger screens, music capabilities and a 3 megapixel camera. The new DSi is also a bit thinner than the previous DS. The new DS also will have a SD memory card to be able to transfer pictures to the Wii, as well as a browser. Also announced, the DSi shop, similar to WiiWare, you can download games for points to the 
DSi. The DSi will be available November 1st in Japan and cost 
18,900 Yen or $179. (Image from Kotaku's LiveBlog)

Wii Memory Addressed
Starting spring 2009 you will now be able to download software directly to the SD memory card.

That is all for now, the rest of the conference featured Wii Music, and a few games. Nintendo is having a U.S. even in San Francisco tomorrow so look for more news in the morning.

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