October 8, 2008

Microsoft TGS Keynote Recap

The Microsoft keynote just ended, recap below. Stay tuned for videos.

Last Remnant Trailer is up first.
The game will launch November 20th

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
-Trailer is playing
-Game will launch March 3rd in North America and February 19th in Japan.

Resident Evil 5
-Trailer being shown
-RE5 will launch on March 12th

99 Nights 2
-Coming to 360

Tekken 6
-Coming to 360 in Fall of '09

Space Invaders
-Remake coming to XBLA

-Coming to XBLA

Metal Slug 7
-Coming to XBLA

The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match
-Coming to XBLA

-Bringing local and XBLA play to the 360

Xbox Live
-Live has reached 14 million members

New Xbox Experience
-Showing off complete Xbox experience
-Showing off avatars, you can take pictures of them to use as a gamerpic
-Themes, new themes, being showed
-Web version of the marketplace, buy on web DL to console
-NXE will launch November 19th, 26 countries, localized in 19 languages

Halo Wars
-Coming early next year
-Demo being shown
-The flood will be in Halo Wars

Halo Franchise
-New video game
-Halo 3 Recon is shown
-Recon is a prologue to Halo 3 that shows the story from an ODST marine's perspective.


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