October 1, 2008

Dead Space Goes Gold

EA's upcoming space-horror game Dead Space has officially gone gold. The game is set to ship for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on Octbor 14th with the PC version following on the 20th. Those who buy the game on 360 and PS3 within the first two weeks of sales will also get acess to an exclusive themed suit. On the 360 you will have a chance to download the Xbox-themed "Elite" Suit, and Playstation 3 players will get access to the PS3-themed Obsidian suit. The suits will contain more inventory room and increased toughness. Both suits can be seen to the left.

Also, for Xbox 360 owners, EA via the EA Store is offering 1000 copies of the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition retailing for $149.95. 

"This package contains a copy of the game, Dead Space Downfall Animated Movie on DVD, bonus content DVD, 97-page art book, the 160-page graphic novel (which combines all six issues of the Dead Space comics), exclusive lithograph illustrated and individually signed by Ben Templesmith, and an Ishimura crew patch, all sealed in a limited edition Dead Space packaging."

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