October 9, 2008

Co-op Will Be Available for Fable 2 on Release

A week ago the Fable 2 team announced that online co-op was most likely going to miss launch and have to be patched in at a later date. Good news, today the team announced that Fable 2 will recieve a day 1 patch to add in online co-op.

"Remember a couple of days ago (or was it a week) where on a blog it was mentioned that Fable II would be shipping 'without' Online Co-op? And remember we said we were busting our balls to get it ready in time for a 'Day One' release? Well - news folks! It looks like we've done it...for all of you who are connected to Xbox Live, when starting up your copy of Fable II (on 21st October in USA, 24th October in Europe and 18th December in Japan). So all of you getting upset and all, you wouldn't even have noticed... Sort of. Well done to the team.

Taken into account we don't fail certification!"

Let's hope the certification passes so we can get some Fable co-op!

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Nanakai said...

Hey thanks for all of your great TGS 08 coverage DC :) Even with whole sections on GameSpot and IGN, this site has been the best source for me so far. Can't wait to see what else is coming from TGS...