September 11, 2008

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Coming October 28

If you just cannot wait for the next installment of MotorStorm then you are in luck. MotorStorm Pacific Rift will launch on October 28th. Sure they picked a date right amongst huge games like Fallout 3, and LittleBigPlanet, but you have to get your racing fix sometime right? If you pre-order the game at GameStop you will recieve a demo of the game as well.

"This time around, the MotorStorm races will take place on a tropical island set amongst the lush jungle, emerald lagoons and towering peaks in the Pacific Ocean. Why is this important? The original MotorStorm introduced us to some fantastic racing through the desert landscape of Monument Valley. Although we delivered some wild tracks and terrain, the desert is the desert. With the topical island setting, players will be able to experience a much broader range of environments and terrain." (Via Playstation Blog)

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