September 22, 2008

Halo 3 Achievements Showing Up on

As we reported a while back, new achievements are coming to Halo 3. The first set of achievements are set to launch at 2am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning with Auto Update 2. This will give you the first 250 out of 750, the final 500 to come with the Mythic map pack.

As you can see by the images, the achievements are now shouwing up on profiles. Also you can see that the other 500 GS contains some information on the Mythic Map pack. Listed maps are Assembly, Citadel, Heretic, Orbital, Longshore, and Sandbox. No word on what exactly these maps are or when they are coming, stay tuned for more information.

Also on BNet, the Superintendent has made another appearence with this message,

"[SMN.ACTUAL]: “The situation on the ground isn’t my concern.”                 
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “I understand, Admiral. But I need --”
[EXPLOSION (4.0098s)]
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “Empty archer pods six through twelve!”
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “Ready the MAC, and come about!”
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “It may have passed us, Lieutenant, but it’s still in range.”
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “Come about. And shoot it in the ass.”
[EXPLOSION (2.3482s)]
[STATIC (3.8761s)]
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “Admiral, about my squad?”
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “I’ve forwarded their NCO’s name to your --”
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “Enough, Captain!”
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “If I survive this attack..."
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “I will deploy per my orders from Fleet HQ!”
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “Sir. I don’t report to Fleet.”
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “And the men I want? Now they don’t either.”
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “Please. Read my request.”
[STATIC (2.8179s)]
[EXPLOSION (3.0194s)]
[STATIC (7.4501s)]
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “Didn’t think you S1 types ever left your cave.”
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “Desperate times...”
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “Alright, Captain. You’ve got your squad.”
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “If I survive the attack."
[EXPLOSION (2.9016s)]
[SMN.ACTUAL]: “And right now? That’ll take a genuine act of God.”
[DARE.V.500341(S1)]: “I’ll see what I can do.” 


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