September 17, 2008

Demon Energy Teams Up With Microsoft for Gears 2

Remember Game Fuel? The Halo 3 Mountain Dew that tasted bad at first but yet drew you back like cocaine? Well now we have another step up, Microsoft and Demon energy drinks have teamed together to bring you specially themed Demon cans as well as a contest to win Xbox's and various prizes. Just head over to Demon's website to register to win!

"The game hits shelves on the 7th of November at Midnight - and we'll be giving away the first copies of the game then.

And if thats not cool enough - just take your Limited Edition Demon can or bottle into any Harvey Norman store before the 7th of November and you'll get $10 off your Gears of War 2 pre-order (we'll accept your hot girlfriend as a thank you, don't forget to wrap her in a nice red bow)."

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