September 9, 2008

BioShock PS3 Features Mandatory 5GB Install

While the installation of games on the hard drive of any system offers quicker load times among other benefits, one would begin to wonder where developers might draw the line for size of mandatory installs. According to a Eurogamer playtest of the PS3 version of Bioshock, the game will feature an install (as all PS3 games do). The install however is right around 5GB in size and will take around 10 minutes. 

"The first thing you face, of course, is the now almost obligatory wait for the game to install, a process that deposits 4980MB of data on your PS3's hard disk and takes just over ten minutes to complete."

This isn't a huge deal being that you can install your own bigger hard drive in the PS3, but needless to say I could use that extra 5GB on my 40GB system.

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Franklin said...

Wow, 5 GB is definitely a lot. I have an 80 GB system and I'm worried I'll be needing more space soon. I'll still be picking up Bioshock though.

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