August 4, 2008

Run PC Games on Your PS3 Via Linux

A site called StreamMyGame has a tutorial and walkthrough out now to help users install Linux on their PS3 and then stream PC games such as Crysis to their PS3 to be played with the sixaxis.

"Both our new StreamMyGame PS3 player and the Bluetooth tool install automatically, just download and double click" said Richard Faria, StreamMyGames CEO. "In addition to streaming games from your local PC, the new player enables games to be streamed from remote PCs or PC servers housed in ISP exchanges. The new player works with Yellow Dog Linux Version 6 which is now really easy to install and recommended by Sony," said Richard. "We have included full details on our website of where to download YDL6, how to record it to DVD and how to install it."

Check out the video tutorial below and head over to to access the downloads and more information.

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