August 27, 2008

Resistance 2 Multiplayer Gameplay

Courtesy of G4TV we bring you some exclusive Resistance 2 multiplayer footage. Enjoy!

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Franklin said...

Thanks for sharing, Deadly Cyclone. The game is supposed to have online play for up to 60 players online (not to mention the 8 player co-op mode), so I really can't wait to play the game. I imagine you already have both an Xbox 360 and PS3, but some of your readers probably don't... for those of you that don't, you should take a look at this Stacker 2 contest going on. Right now there are less than 250 entrants, and all you have to do to enter is design a 6 Hour Power t-shirt (which is surprisingly easy to do online). If you win you get the system of your choice, 10 t-shirts with your winning design, a year's supply of 6 Hour Power energy shots, a copy of Rise of the Argonauts, and more. There are weekly prizes too. For contest details, go here:

If you decide to enter let me know and I'll vote for your designs. I work with 6HP so shoot an e-mail my way if you have any questions too. Good luck to those of you that enter!

Franklin Keane