July 15, 2008

Stay Tuned!

GamePlay Unlimited has you covered for today's many showings at E3 2008. Here is a quick schedule of events:

(All times CST)
Nintendo Press Briefing - 11:00am
Sony Press Briefing - 1:30pm
Ubisoft Press Briefing - 4:30pm
Capcom Press Briefing - 6:30pm
Activision Press Briefing -10:45pm

Demo Showings
4:00pm - Resident Evil 5
4:30pm - Fallout 3
5:00pm - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
5:30pm - Killzone 2
6:00pm - Mirror's Edge
6:30pm - EndWar
7:00pm - Motorstorm
7:30pm - Gears of War 2

GamePlay Unlimited will have coverage of all the news and events today, so stay tuned for another day of videos, screenshots, and big announcements!

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