July 15, 2008

Sony Press Conference

Alas, the last of the big three. The Sony press conference has concluded, check this story for the complete wrap-up of all the events and announcements!

Resistance 2 Shown
After a bit of information about Sony and it's future, Resistance 2 takes the stage and looks epic. Much bigger scale than the first. New trailer also shown, stay tuned to GPU later for videos!

Little Big Planet Up Next
Now from Resistance to Little Big Planet, the games keep rolling. A special level was created for the conference to help illustrate a few key points. Sack Boy is customized with a Celtics jersey and they are running through a special level that is basically an amazing powerpoint presentation.

PS3 Greatest Hits Announced
Retailing for $29.99, Resistance: Fall of Man, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night, Need for Speed Carbon, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Ninja Gaiden, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and more are coming to the program later this year.

PS2 Getting Lego Batman Bundle
A Lego Batman bundle for the PS2 will launch this fall for $149.99.

Rachet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty Announced
Rachet and Clank are coming to the Playstation Network in a shorter less expensive blockbuster. The game is set to appeal to new and old fans of the franchise alike and will retail for $14.99 this summer.

Gran Turismo TV Updated
GTTV is getting premium high definition programming including Top Gear and looks into major automotive factories. Available through Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the content will be available August 1st.

Playstation Home Update
Many gaming companies have partnered up with Sony to bring fresh content to Home. Producers such as Ubisoft and companies like Nike are set to bring great media and content to the game.

Playstation Video Service Unveiled
Sony Pictures, Fox, MGM, Warner, Disney, and Turner are just a few media outlets that will bring content to the store. You can purchase shows and movies or just rent them. Also, you can move the media from your PS3 to your PSP to take the content on the road. The video store is accessed through the Playstation Store and contains standard definition as well as high definition content. The service will be available tonight.

PSP Gets Rachet & Clank Pack
For $199 you can on the special edition Rachet & Clank PSP with the game, PSP, and a copy of National Treasure.

Resistance Retribution Announced for PSP
The Resistance mania has caught on with the PSP. Resistance Retribution looks to add another layer to the great story Insomniac games has created.

DC Universe Online Shown
DC Universe is a MMO for the Playstation 3 in which you can create your own superhero/villain and live out your favorite comic book moments.

80GB Core PS3 announced for $399.99
A core 80GB PS3 that rivals the 40GB has been announced for $399.99.

God of War 3, Infamous, Trailers Shown

Massive Action Game (MAG) Announced
A massive multiplayer war game called MAG has been announced. MAG will feature 8 player squads, and 256 player battles overall. The squad leaders will be chosen based on leadership skill in battle. Trailer coming soon!

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