July 9, 2008

Microsoft's Motion Controller & Banjo-Kazooie

UPDATE: Xbox 360 Fanboy has just received word from the folks over at GamerscoreBlog that the quote from Ken Lobb about motion control in Banjo 3 was just misinterpreted. Here is the quote X360 Fanboy received:
"There is no truth to this speculation. Ken's comment is in reference to rotating the left analog stick while hitting the X-button to move different things in the game."
So no denial yet of the existence of a motion controller, but if there is such a device it will not be used in Banjo-Kazooie.

For the past few weeks we have been hearing rumblings that Microsoft has been working on a motion controller to help break into part of the Wii's market for more casual games, now we may have a bit of proof. Four minutes into a new developer video (shown below) hosted by IGN you can hear creative director Ken Lobb say this very interesting line:
""So you basically grab with the wrench and then you twist the controller around and it'll move different things in the game."
Now that sounds very interesting. Moving things around with the controller? Seems a bit like the sixaxis. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but you can bet we will see a unveiling of a new motion controller, or controller add-on, at E3 next week. Hopefully this feature would be optional for the games that use it as to not alienate the hardcore crowd that still want to play Banjo-Kazooie.

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