July 13, 2008

Metal Gear Online Expansion Pack

If you have been enjoying Metal Gear Online, then you are in for a little treat. Konami has posted information on the official MGO site about an upcoming expansion pack titled "Gene Expansion". This expansion includes new maps, characters, and a game mode. Here is the break down of the content:


Tomb of Tubes - Underground Waterway
A series of tunnels for close to medium range combat.

Coppertown Conflict - City of Sorrow
Streets, tunnels, and rooftops. This battleground is best for close to medium range combat.

Virtuous Vista - South America Power Station
An outdoor battlefield with medium to long range combat.

Other Additions

New Character Slot
With the "Gene Expansion", you will get one more character slot. So if you want to create a female character in your secondary slot, you can!
New Playable Characters
Two new playable characters are available in the expansion: Johnny and Meryl. Johnny specializes in disarming traps while Meryl can up the spirit of nearby teammates.

New Game Mode
There will also be a new game mode called Survival. There are not a lot of details on this mode yet but players will be able to earn points which can then be used in the rewards store to buy extras for their in game character.

You can see more information at the official MGO site.

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