July 16, 2008

Konami Press Conference

Metal Gear Online Expansion
First expansion, Gene Expansion, will be released July 17. Konami is planning to do a worldwide tournement.

Trailer was shown for Castlevania: Order of Ecclessia (2D Castlevania).
Also, a trailer for Castlevania Judgement was shown. Game will have 14 playable characters.

Silent Hill Homecoming
Starts out showing the trailer (coming soon). When the trailer ended, they went strait into a demonstration. The game will feature a free-look camera, Havoc physics engine and a quick inventory system. Gun play will be handled by an over the shoulder camera but you can look around the environment in first person. A dialog tree system will be used to interact with other characters in the game. Some of the choices you make can have a direct effect on gameplay.
A boss battle is shown where you have to destroy hanging meat sacks. (Try to keep you mind out of the gutter). Destroy enough meat sacks and the boss battle moves on to the next stage of the fight.

Rock Revolution
Rock Revolution will be the official video game for Linkin Park's tour. Some band comes out and performs actual song. When they finish, Konami moves over to the game. (Not sure which performance made me more uncomfortable.)

They fail the song and that concludes Konami's Press Conference.

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