July 22, 2008

Develop XNA Games, Sell Them On XBLA

More news coming out of Microsoft's Gamefest 2008, commuhnity members can now develop games through XNA and sell them on the Xbox Live Arcade. Through the press release via Major Nelson, MS Chief Technology Officer Chris Satchell gave information on the new program:

"Not only are we democratizing game development with Xbox LIVE Community Games later this year, but we're creating an opportunity for aspiring developers to start their careers on the world stage. It is really a win for both developers and consumers because this will no doubt act as an incentive for game creators to continue to develop the best, most innovative games for Xbox 360."

The official XNA Creators Club page gives a more in-depth look at the idea.

"Starting this holiday, Xbox LIVE Community Games is your ticket to fame – and possibly fortune as millions of Xbox LIVE users now have the opportunity to view, buy, and play games that you create.

How it Works

The setup? Simple. The payments? Cash.

As a Premium member in the XNA Creators Club, you’ll be able to submit any complete Xbox 360 game you’ve created in XNA Game Studio to the Creators Club community at http://creators.xna.com, for peer review. Other Premium Creators will check to make sure your game is safe to play. If it is, you’ll set a price point – between 200 and 800 Points – that people will pay to download your game.

Once the game is reviewed and the price point set, you’re done. The game is listed on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and you’ll get a check every quarter, for up to 70% of the game’s total revenue in your own currency. Depending on your game’s success, you may even have your game advertised on Xbox 360 and other Microsoft online properties.

Just imagine - your game in the hands of millions of Xbox 360 gamers around the world: that’s the power of Community Games."

So to recap, the price points of these games you can make and sell will be between 200 and 800 Microsoft points, and each quarter you will receive a check for up to 70% of the game's revenues. Sounds like a great community deal.

Head over to the official page for information on how to get started, as well as how to get into the creators club.

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