July 31, 2008

Cursed Mountain Announced for the Wii

There are not a lot of survival horror games to choose from on the Wii (or hardcore games for that matter) at this point in time, but developer and publisher Deep Silver wants to change all that with the Himalayas-based horror game Cursed Mountain.

"Set in the late 1980s, gamers will take on the role of a fearless mountaineer as he climbs into the Himalayas on a quest to find his lost brother. As he ascends the mountain, he encounters an ancient curse: the souls of the people who died in that region are stuck in limbo, caught in the Shadow World. Villagers, pilgrims, mountaineers and Buddhist monks – dead but not yet reincarnated – are all that is left on the mountain. Terrible visions will disorient him, and ghosts and demons block his path. But the question remains – is his brother still alive?"

The game was built from the ground up for the Nintendo Wii and boasts that "the entire game world is visible from every level." Will this be the game that snaps the Wii out of its' hardcore slump?

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