July 3, 2008

"Cold Storage" Halo 3 Map Free on July 7th

UPDATE X2: The Bungie Day theme and gamerpictures have just hit the marketplace, you can see two of the gamerpictures at mygamercard.net (and the rest when people upload them).

UPDATE: If you want an early look at "Cold Storage" Bungie has just released a new Vidoc for download on the Marketplace or over at Bungie.net. Enjoy!

Well it is almost here again. No not the fourth of July, Bungie day. The day each year where we get to celebrate the Halo creators with free swag, and this year does not disappoint. Among the gamerpics and themes as usual for Bungie Day, Halo fans also get quite a nice surprise. The new map shown at MLG San Diego called "Cold Storage," a remake of Halo 1's "Chill Out," will be available absolutely free!

"Cold Storage will be available for free beginning on July 7, Bungie Day, on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Additionally, don’t forget to grab the one-day-only free gamerpics and theme on 7/7.

Beginning on July 7, there will be a 48-hour long seven-player FFA playlist in Halo 3’s Matchmaking where you can turn the calendar back to 2001 and control l Rockets, Invis and Snipe."

Courtesy of the day-early Bungie Weekly Update. Also the Legendary Map Pack will be dropped in price from 800 to 600 Microsoft points. So load up your copy of Halo 3 on Monday and chill out on "Cold Storage!"

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