July 15, 2008

Capcom Press Conference

Lost Planet Movie
David Hayter is on the stage along with Capcom. Capcom talks about the Lost Planet movie. Possible release in 2011.

...time passes and they are still talking about the movie. We know Capcom is excited but this is getting dull.

And, that was it. Hopefully that was not the most exciting thing Capcom has to offer at E3.

UPDATE: Because Capcom's Press Conference was not all that exciting, I'm going to include some trailers they released for some of their upcoming games.

First up, Street Fighter 4, a game that has fans divided on the art direction. Personally, I think it looks cool. Here is the latest trailer. (Note: GameTrailers says the trailer is partially incomplete and they will be getting the full trailer from Capcom soon.)

Next, Residents Evil 5 co-op interview.

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