July 29, 2008

Activision-Blizzard to Close Sierra Studios?

With the announcement of Activision seemingly canning a few of their big upcoming games being developed by smaller studios (including Terminal Reality's Ghostbusters game) rumblings have begun that Acti-Blizz is out to close some of their more under-performing studios. A story over at gamesindustry.biz sites analyst Signal Hillas suggesting that "Activision Blizzard will likely close under performing development studios in order to save money."

So which studios could be on the chopping block? Well Sierra looks to be the number one candidate. The article also goes on to say "The publisher has said that Swordfish Studios and Massive Entertainment may be sold, while Radical Entertainment and High Moon Studios will be "realigned" as the company restructures in the wake of its USD 18.9 billion merger."

The company is expected to keep high selling IPs such as Spyro and Crash bandicoot, as well as the upcoming game Prototype. More on this developing story as it becomes available. Stay tuned to GPU!

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