June 15, 2008

Screens From the Wii's Next FPS "The Conduit"

UPDATE: A developer Q&A is up over at The Conduit Information Center and offers a bit more insight to the game. Check out IGN's gallery for a few new screens of the game as well.

Wii Fanboy managed to get their hands on some new screenshots from High Voltage Software's upcoming first person shooter for the Wii entitled "The Conduit." The game, releasing in Q1 2009, sets players in Washington D.C. after an extraterrestrial attack where they must investigate the happenings and find the truth. The screens look quite amazing for the Wii, which is not surprising being that the engine the game is running on (Quantum 3) has been built from the ground up for the console with the goal of making Wii games look more next-gen. Hit the jump for a screen and link to the gallery!

Find the entire gallery from The Conduit at Wii Fanboy

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