June 18, 2008

Metal Gear Solid Database Coming Tomorrow

Fresh from the Playstation Blog comes interesting news regarding tomorrow's Playstation Store update. Included with the normal goodies will be the Metal gear Solid Database. What is the database?

"The MGS4 Database is a free, downloadable interactive application that contains the official knowledge base of everything that is Metal Gear, reaching all the way back to the very beginning of the franchise. Including complete storylines, character profiles, relationship diagrams, and much more! The MGS4 database is a great way to catch up for someone new to Metal Gear, as well as a useful resource for any veteran of the series, with complete official details on every aspect of the intricate Metal gear lore."

That is quite a bit of game information in one database and an excellent way for those of you new to the Metal gear series to get the almost necessary background information to better understand the story. 'What about spoilers', one may ask, 'I don't want the game to be ruined!' Don't worry, the folks at Sony and Konami have you covered, literally.

"The MGS4 Database also contains a special feature – if you want to make use of the database, but have not yet fully played through MGS4 yet and are worried about spoilers – all MGS4 spoilers are “blacked out” until you’ve beaten MGS4. Give it a try!"

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