June 26, 2008

Digital Rights Management Tool Now Available for Xbox Users

Those of you 360 owners who have shared the trouble of having to get a new console know how horrible it can be. Piled on to the horror of getting a new system is the fact that many of your Xbox Live Arcade games and other content would not work anymore because of errors in the Digital Rights Management (DRM). Well be happy, Microsoft has just released a tool to ensure you get back all of your content that you purchased on a previous system. All you have to do to regain access to your favorite content is visit the content license page on Xbox.com to start the DRM transfer process. Check out Major Nelson's blog or the DRM FAQ for more information or just watch the video below!

Video: Xbox 360 Content License Transfer Tool on Xbox.com

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StingJR said...

It's good to note that you can only change this over every 12 months. It would have been nice to let us do it several times given the luck some people have had with their Xbox.