March 9, 2008

Mirror's Edge Media Blowout (UPDATE)

UPDATE: MTV's Multiplayer Blog has an interview with Owen O'Brien, senior producer from DICE, that answers some questions about the art design, game development, and even the possibility of motion sickness. Also some new screenshots have been added along with five pieces of concept art. Hit the jump for the images.


Concept Art:

DICE studios' (Battlefield series) next project is something entirely different and more uniques than anything they have done before. Mirror's Edge brings together many different concepts from real world physics and movement into an action packed new style of First person game. Hit the jump for the latest videos and screens.

We will have a full written preview of Mirror's Edge coming soon, for the meantime check out the newest screens and videos!

GDC '08 Developer Interview

Screens: Source: GAMERSYDE


Anonymous said...

sounds awesome but i'd like to see some gameplay

Shimbo said...

I'm really looking forward to playing the demo of this game. It makes me really happy that the developers are starting and trying to apply real world (RL) physics into the first person games. I think that having the momentum and inertia and energy built into the game will really make it stand out. Plus it doesn't sound like a gun only first person game either which makes it even more interesting. I can tell you one thing, I'm really going to phuck up the jumping.