February 21, 2008

Warhawk DLC Coming

1up.com reports from GDC '08 that Warhawk developer Incognito is planning DLC entitled "Operation Broken Mirror" for the PS3 shooter. Hit the jump for the story.

Here is what 1up had to say:

"Operation Broken Mirror is a booster pack that is confirmed for release in the future and will feature one new vehicle -- an APC that acts as a portable spawn point and equipment producer -- and a new battlefield. New game modes are also in the works, but they will not be a part of the booster pack. Instead, game modes will be released for free and integrated into patches and updates.

But what about content beyond the plans we have heard about? 'As long as the community exists and as long as there is an appetite for playing the game and new content, that's good for us and we want to try to do split deliveries -- you can always get free stuff and you always have to option to buy certain content,' said Jobe. Basically Incognito is willing to support the game as long as the players are willing to make it worth their while."

This is definetly good news for fans of this game. There were also talks that a single player version of Warhawk could be possible.

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